Ph. D. Students

Rod McCrady, Ph.D. 1998
A Partial wave analysis of antiproton proton annihilation into omega pi+ pi- pi0.
Staff Scientists, Los Alamos National Lab.
Pavel Khaustov Ph.D. 1999
Doubly--Strange Hypernuclear Production in E885 at the AGS.
Scientist at Avanti Corporation.
Zebulum Krahn, Ph.D. 2007
Photoproduction of the eta and eta-prime mesons using CLAS at JLab
Research Scientist and Strategic Research Branch Manager Systems Engineering Group.
Mike Williams, Ph.D. 2007
Measurement of Differential Cross Sections and Spin Density Matrix Elements along with a Partial Wave Analysis for gamma proton to proton omega using CLAS at Jefferson Lab.
Professor of Physics, MIT.
Mike McCracken, Ph.D. 2008
A Study of K+Lambda Photoproduction in the CLAS g11a Dataset: Differential Cross Section, Recoil Polarization, and a Partial-Wave Analysis
Professsor of Physics, Washington and Jefferson University.
Biplab Dey, Ph.D. 2011
Differential cross section and polarization extractions for gamma proton to K+ Sigma and gamma proton to proton phi using CLAS at Jefferson Lab, towards a partial wave analysis in search of missing baryon resonances
Postdoctoral Researcher, INFN, Sezione di Milano, Italy.
Brian Vernarsky Ph.D. 2014
First Measurements of the Polarized Spin Density Matrix Elements along with a Partial-Wave Analysis for gamma proton to proton omega using CLAS at Jefferson Lab
Computer Vision Engineer for FieldVision.
Will Levine Ph.D. 2016
Measurement of spin density matrix elements in the reaction gamma proton to K+Lambda(1520) using CLAS at Jefferson Lab
Mike Staib Ph.D. 2017
Calibrations for charged particle tracking and measurements of omega photoproduction with the GlueX detector
Will McGinley Ph.D. 2019 (expected)

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