Current Courses

Fall 2020: Matter and Interactions I
Matter and Interactions I is the first half of our two semester sequence of introductory physics for students with very strong physics backgrounds. The course covers mechanics, thermodynamics and introduces basic ideas of quantum physics. The course also uses some programming to facilitate the solving of complicated physics problems.

Spring 2018: Electronics
This course is primarily a laboratory course on electronics. It builds on basics electronics knowledge from introductory physics to delvelop understanding of DC circuits. It then moves to passive AC circuits and filters. Active components are then intoroduced and the course ends with some exposure to digital electronics.

Textbooks Written

Basic Electronics: An Introduction to Electronics for Science Students
An introductory textbook on electronics that has been writte to support our undergraduate electronics lab course at Carnegie Mellon. The text starts out at the level of a freshman electricity and magnetism course. It the discusses DC circuits, AC circuits, filtering, semiconductors, transistors, feedback and op-amps, digital electronics and digital filtering. The second edition was released in 2013. Information on obtaining a copy of the book can be found here. Details of how the text is used can be found on my course website.

The Modern Mechanical Universe
An introductory textbook to be used during the first semester of honors physics at Carnegie Mellon. The book has been used at Carnegie Mellon since 2011. website.

Courses Taught

Physics 107: Physics for Engineering Students II
(Fall 95, Spring 96, Fall 96 and Fall 97.)
Physics 108: Physics for Architecture Students
(Spring 95)
Physics 111: Physics for Science Students I
(Fall 00, Spring 00, Spring 01)
Physics 112: Physics for Science Students II
(Fall 98)
Physics 131: Matter and Interactions I
(Fall 02, Fall 03, Fall 07, Fall 08,
Fall 09, Fall 10, Fall 11, Fall 12)
Physics 151: Matter and Interactions I
(Fall 16, Fall 17, Fall 18, Fall 19, Fall 20)
Physics 228: Electronics Lab
(Spring 02, Spring 03, Spring 04, Spring 05,
Spring 06, Spring 07, Spring 08, Spring 09,
Spring 10, Spring 11, Spring 12, Spring 13,
Spring 14, Spring 15, Spring 16, Spring 17, Spring 18)
Physics 331: Physical Mechanics I
(Fall 05, Fall 06)
Physics 332: Physical Mechanics II
(Spring 97, Spring 98, Spring 99)
Physics 335: Quantum Physics II
(Fall 93, Fall 94)
Physics 779: Nuclear and Particle Physics I
(Fall 01)
Physics 780: Nuclear and Particle Physics II
(Spring 10)
Physics 893: Special Topics in Nueclear Physics
(Spring 97)

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