Curriculum Vitae

Name Curtis A. Meyer
Title The Otto Stern Professor of Physics
MCS Associate Dean for Research
Citizenship United States of America
Address Department of Physics
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213--3890


Ph.D. (Physics) 1987 University of California, Berkeley
M.A. (Physics) 1984 University of California, Berkeley
B.S. (Physics) 1982 Oregon State University
B.S. (Mathematics) 1982 Oregon State University


2019-- The Otto Stern Professor of Physics Carnegie Mellon
2017-- Associate Dean for Research Carnegie Mellon
2012--17 Associate Dean for Faculty and Graduate Affairs Carnegie Mellon
2002--19 Professor Carnegie Mellon
1999-02 Associate Professor with Tenure Carnegie Mellon
1997-99 Associate Professor without Tenure Carnegie Mellon
1993-97 Assistant Professor Carnegie Mellon
1987-93 Research Associate University of Zuerich

Awards and Honors

2008 Ryan Teaching Award
2006 Julius Ashkin Teaching Award
2004 Fellow of the American Physical Soceity
1982-84 Graduate Fellowship in Physics (U.C.Berkeley)

Significant Community Activities

2015 Chair of the JLab SoLid directors review
2014 Member of the NSAC Cold QCD white paper committee.
2013- Member of USQCD Science Advisory Board
2013 Member of the JLab Hall-B RICH Detector Review Committee
2013 DOE Review Committee on LQCD
2012- Member of the FAIR Committee on Experiments
2012-13 Member of NSAC Subcommittee on implementing the 2007 Long-range Plan
2011-12 Member of JLab 12-GeV Report Committee
2011 Member of NSAC Subcommittee on Data Access
2010-11 Member of the JLab AD Search Committee
2010-13 Member of NSAC
2010 DOE Review Committee for MIT Nuclear Physics
2009-10 Member of the program committee of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics
2008 Co-organized the workshop on Lattice QCD and Experiment
2008 Co-organized the workshop on physics with photon beams
2008 Member of the NSAC subcommittee milestones
2007- GlueX Collaboration Spokesperson
2007 Member of the NSAC Long Range Plan writing committee
2006-09 Chair Track of the APS topical group on Hadronic Physics
2006 Chair of an NSF Panel
2005 Member of the NSAC subcommittee to implement the Long Range Plan
2004 Member of the NSAC subcommittee to compare RIA and GSI
2003 Co-organized a JLab workshop on Gluonic Excitations.
2002 Co-organized and hosted a workshop on partial wave analysis.
2002 Editorial Committee, JLab 12GeV CDR
2001-2003 Jefferson Lab Users Group Board of Directors
2001 NSAC Long Range Plan resolution committee
1999-07 GlueX Collaboration Deputy Spokesperson
1999-2001 Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade steering committee
1995- Member of the JLab CLAS Collaboration
1994-99 Steering Committee, Crystal Barrel Collaboration
1984- Member of the American Physical Soceity

Other Activities

2015- Member of MCS LEAD Committee
2015 Co-Chair MCS Associate Dean Search
2012- Chair of MCS AdHoc Promotion Committees
2012- Member of the MCS Review Committee
2012- Member of the MCS College Council
2012-13 Chair of written qualifying exam committee
2009 Chair of the MCS Committee on Scientific Computing
2008 Member of the Physics Department Head Search Committee
2007 Member of the MCS Dean search committee
1999-00 Mainstreamed our new honors physics curriculum into the standard freshman education.
1998-2008 Chair of Graduate Admissions, CMU
1996- Member and Chair of the University Radiation Safety Committee

Graduate Adviser Professor Kenneth Crowe (U.C. Berkeley)
Post Graduate Advisers Professor Claude Amsler (Univ. Zuerich)
Professor Peter Truoel (Univ. Zuerich)
Post. Doc. Supervision Dr. Dan Carman (1995-1997)
Prof. Paul Eugenio (1999-2002)
Dr. Joachim Kuhn (2002-2005)
Dr. Matt Bellis (2005-2008)
Dr. Yves van Haarlem (2007-2010 )
Dr. Mike Williams (2008-2009)
Dr. Haiyun Lu (2010-2012)
Dr. Paul Mattione (2011-2015)
Dr. Vahe Mamyan (2011-2015)
Dr. Naomi Jarvis (2010-)
Graduate Student
Thesis Supervision Rod McCrady (Ph.D. 1995)
Pavel Khaustov (Ph.D. 1997)
Zebulun Krahn (Ph.D. 2007)
Mike Williams (Ph.D. 2007)
Mike McCracken (Ph.D. 2008)
Biplab Dey (Ph.D. 2012)
Brian Vernarsky (2014)
Will Levine (present)
William McGinley (present)
Michael Staib (present)

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