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List of known erratum in the 2010 version

In May 2010, the erratum found in the 2009 version were fixed and an updated version of the text was produced. The updated version has (C) 2009, 2010 at the top of page ii. The following list is based on the book currently available on

    Page 21, In the second row of the middle column of table 1.3, the voltage should be V0/3.

List of known erratum in the 2009 version

During the summer of 2009, an updated version of the text was produced that corrected the errors found to date. The following list is based on the book that has (C) 2009 at the top of page ii. If you are using a used book, these are likely to apply to your book.

    Page 11, The formula for i1 and Req in the top half of the page should have (N1/N2)2 in them. (This is inverted from what is shown in the text.)
    Page 14, The value of Rs at the bottom of the page should be 0.01 Ohms.
    Page 15, The value of Rm at the top of the page should be 0.01 Ohms.
    Page 23, In the middle of the second paragraph, the expression `` Vth, (IN/RN)'' should be ``Vth, (IN * RN)''.
    Page 92, The second equation (near the top of the page) should be tan(phiL) -> (omega omegaLR)/(omegaLC^2) and in the following equation, the limit should go to pi (180 degrees).
    Page 93, In figure 3.14, the Bode plot is reversed left-to-right.
    Page 131, in formula 4.11, the n in the exponential should be an m.
    Page 164, formulas for iout and Vout at the bottom of the page. Both formulas should be over RC+RL
    Page 166, in the middle of the page, the values for R1 should be 10.4kOhm and R2 should be 1.11kOhm. These change then impact the calculation following. We find that C1 is greater than 29 microFarads.
    Page 167, the values in the table are changed due to the previous errors in the text.
    Componenet Desired Value Obtainable Value
    RE 1kOhm1kOhm
    RC 10kOhm10kOhm
    R1 10.4kOhm10kOhm
    R2 1.11kOhm1kOhm
    C1 29muF33muF
    C2 3.2muF3.3muF
    Page 167, In the expresion for Zout in the middle of the page, the last term should be RE/beta and not RC/beta.
    Page 168, In figure 5.25, R5 should be R3.
    Page 190, The second formula on this page should be IC=beta * IB.
    Page 205, in Figure 6.11, the inputs to the op-amp are reversed. The inverting input should be on top. Related to the flip in the figure, the text above describing which inputs v1 and v2 go into needs to be reversed.
    Page 205+206, the derivation for the output voltage of the differential amplifier has a number of problems. A cleaner derivation is as follows. First, we note that vout=-R2/R1(v1-v2). The voltage at the non-inverting input is v+=v2R2/(R1+R2). By our op-amp rule, the voltage at the inverting input is equal to this. The input at the inverting input is also given by v-=vout+(v1-vout)R2/(R1+R2). These two expressions for v- can be equated to yield vout=-(R2/R1)(v1-v2).
    Page 241, At the end of the first paragraph in section 7.2.2 Negative Numbers, the range should be: -(2(n-1)-1) to (2(n-1)-1).
    Page 260, Table 7.20 has the R and S labels swapped for the two coloums. The column headers should read VP, S, R and O.
    Page 265, Just above figure 7.33, the formula
    C2C3/(C2+C3) >> C0
    should read:
    C3C4/(C3+C4) >> C2.
    Also, just after this, we should choose C3=C4.
    Page 273, In the formula in the center of the page, we should have
    Vref = (1/2n)(vmax>-vmin),(2/2n)(vmax-vmin), ... , ((n-1)/2n)(vmax>-vmin)
    Page 275, The feedback resistor in figure 7.43 should be 2R and not just R.
    Page 323, The solution to problem 1.16 sould be Vth=V0 and Rth=R2.
    Page 324, the answers to 3.9(e) and 3.9(f) are reversed.

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